Herminix business solutions

Our team is passionately committed to building growing businesses – one entrepreneur at a time.

Are you one of the

  • hardest working
  • most committed
  • most creative
  • passionate
  • innovative people

in the workforce?

Then you are an entrepreneur!

We believe entrepreneurship is an attitude that sees opportunity in problems, abundance over scarcity and action as the agent of change building wealth and economy for all. 

Herminix offers a range of professional services and solutions to help your organisation excel in a competitive marketplace. Whether you’re a start-up needing to set up your first infrastructure or a global enterprise looking to streamline your workflow processes across multiple geographies, we’re here to assist.

Whether you are battling with

  • Cash flow and funding
  • Business risks
  • People problems or
  • Strategy, growth and profitiablity


Business startup support services range from in-depth and ongoing coaching to monthly or quarterly business health checkups and guidance recommendations.

Through the Herminix network we can provide access to funding opportunities ranging from angel investors for initial development all the way to venture capital for rapid scaling.

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